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  • Christ-centered caring attention given to the needs and differences of individual and unique children
  • Units or themes of interest which integrate Christ-centered language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts
  • A Christ-centered environment arranged in learning centers or learning areas (e.g., art center, science center, reading center, dramatic play center, block center)
  • A balance of classroom activities that are teacher-directed and child-initiated. These activities may be active or quiet, performed individually or in large and small groups
  • A learning process which is active; one in which children interact with each other and materials while engaging in cooperative hands-on learning with day-to-day life experiences
  • Christ-centered curriculum which builds upon what children already know and are able to do, to enable them to connect new concepts and skills, integrating Jesus into everything that we do
  • Opportunities for exposure to a wide variety of information and literacy experiences and the use of technology through daily activities in the classroom and/or media center
  • Interaction with older grade school students; opportunity for Christ-Centered Mentorship

Valley Christian School offers an all day/alternate day Kindergarten. Students meet all day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Benefits to such a program include:

  • Students benefit from full day programming, which allows direct instruction and reinforcing activities during each full day.
  • Students will be exposed to more assemblies and other school functions.
  • Adjustment to first grade is easier in general since socialization to the school setting and the procedures of the full day takes place in kindergarten.
  • Provides fewer days of attendance for children not emotionally ready for 5-day attendance.
  • Parents report an easier time scheduling child care on alternate days when those days are whole days, not half days.
  • The full day schedule allows for multi-sensory learning activities, which discourages stress in the environment.

Field Trips

  • Fawn-Doe-Rosa
  • Children’s Museum/Science Museum
  • Como Zoo/Minnesota Zoo
  • Pumpkin Patch/Apple Orchard/Maple Tapping Syrup
  • Farm
  • Fire Station
  • Medical Clinic/Dentist
  • Fish Hatchery
  • Library
  • Interstate Park
  • Festival Theatre/Children’s Theatre
  • Post Office
  • Nursing Home

For more information please contact the school office: (715) 294-3373

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