Junior High (7-8)

A Junior High education at Valley Christian provides important transition time where students are guided and led to become independent learners.  Our staff provide students with a safe environment to grow and mature academically and spiritually with small class sizes that enable kids to learn to walk together as a  caring community of faith.  Here students continue to develop an awareness of the depth of God’s love and care for them and for His world.  Junior High students have opportunities to explore a wide variety of different subject areas and topics.

Our Junior High department strives to bridge the transition from elementary to high school with a curriculum designed to meet the needs of developing adolescents. Higher moral and intellectual expectations motivate students to greater accomplishments. Reading, writing and thinking skills are matured. The crucial middle school years present a unique window of opportunity. We treat these students with special emphasis by personalized attention, distinctive Junior High outreach ministries and dynamic chapel experiences that focus on developing lives of personal integrity.