1st Grade

Miss Natwick's Class

1st Grade-A Letter from the Teacher

Children in first grade are a joy to teach! They are inquisitive and anxious to learn about anything and everything. One of the most important subjects we will conquer in our class is the ability to read independently, almost a third of our day will be spent on language arts curriculum. language arts includes phonics, spelling, reading, comprehension, handwriting, grammar, writing, and literature. The foundation for academic success is reading because virtually every other subject, including math depends on it. It also happens to be my favorite subject to teach.

It is such a privilege to teach in a Christ-centered environment. Our days will always begin with prayer, worship, and a Bible lesson. It is wonderful to be able to beginning each day asking for the Lord's blessing to be upon it. The boys and girls will journey through both Old and New Testaments as we learn of God's great love and mercy for all people of all time.

  • Please make every effort to be at school on time as we will start classes promptly at 8:05. i will pick the children up at their cubbies by the entrance between 8:00 and 8:05 and escort them to our classroom. if your child arrives after we have already made our way to the classroom they will be marked tardy. Lets' get off to a great start by being on time each morning!
  • Another topic I want to touch on is homework. the only "official" homework I expect your youngster to do is daily reading and practice of spelling words beginning mid-September. I will not be sending extra work to be done at home. However, if your child does not finish assignments in class, then they will need to complete it at home... hence the name "homework".

Looking forward to having you in class! :) -Miss Natwick

2nd-3rd Grade

Miss Chadwick's Class

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4th-5th Grade

Mrs Schmidt's Class

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