Once per week, middle and high school students come together after school to challenge themselves in a variety of games built on logic and strategy (and, of course, fun!).  The main attraction is chess, but there are a number of other games involved as well.  It is always a fun way to end the day!


    Our high schoolers are offered the chance to gain class credit as a teacher's assistant.  In this role, they help to prepare class materials, assess work, and give feedback on assignments.  This is a very useful position going into college, as students with such a background on their resume will have a much easier time attaining a similar position under a college professor later on!

Student Council

    Many of our high school students are involved in student council.  Here at Valley, we believe deeply in coaching young adults through the transition into responsibility and leadership; this group is involved in not only being a bridge for communication between the faculty and students but also plan and manage a variety of school events.

Career Achievement Program

  The Career Achievement Program (CAP) is an individualized, project-based learning opportunity for seniors in High School which utilizes community connections and employment opportunities in an internship-type experience.

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