Feb. 23, 2024


Dear VCS friends and family,

Do you love white boards as much as me? Do you have them at home, or in your kitchen? I may have moved out of the classroom and into a different room, but guess what? I still love white boards! One is coming into the office very soon.  (Stay with me. I’m going somewhere). 


I have a small white board in my kitchen. Maybe you use your refrigerator. Maybe you use post-it-notes. Whatever you have, likely you have designated a place in your home where you put lists, reminders for your family, or verses and prayers that are close to your heart.  


Weeks ago I wrote eight words on my kitchen whiteboard as I prayed over our school, our community, and our school year 2024-2025. Those words were: Transformation, Revival, and Changing of Hearts and Minds. 


I have been considering more frequently our community and audience at large. We are getting the word out that we are accepting enrollment for school year 2024-2025. We are reminding families that our School Choice application deadline is April 18th.  We are reminding the community that “we are here” and that we would like to partner with  families in Christ-centered education.  


We are actively giving tours  and answering inquiries and for that I am thankful. Though it’s not about the numbers in the school, it is to me about the numbers of students that are not in the public school.   Another way I have been looking at it is that it is not so much about the “99,” but the “1.” 


My heart is heavy for this community. I am being very clear and honest here.  We are in churches on Sundays, and Wednesdays, and often in Bible Studies on any day of the week.  But this does not give me a sense of security for the children of our community.  It gives me pause and fuels more questions than answers.  


As believers in Christ and an education that is set apart and different from the secular education of the public school, do we care enough to speak this into the conversations within our churches? Does this come up in our conversations with friends on Sunday morning? Sunday school? Wednesday night activities? Bible studies?


Is it likely that a large population of our friend groups are, in fact, believers in Christ, but are they believers that their children are being taught from a humanistic and secular worldview? Does it concern them? Does it concern us? 


Christian schools can know what we have to offer. We can understand what we have to give. But if there is no “need,” or churches and families  “have everything they need,” there will be no hunger or thirst or desire.  


 I am pondering these things. I am taking this community’s children to the Lord in prayer. And I am asking that you join with me and others in very purposeful prayer that there will be: 


  • A Transformation in our community 

  • A Revival for Christ-centered Education

  • A Changing of Hearts and Minds 

  • A Recognizable Need, Hunger, and Thirst


If you would be willing to pray with me and others committed to bringing this before the Lord daily, would you put these words on your refrigerator? In your car? On your mirror, or maybe just a post-it-note by the coffeemaker?


If you do, I also encourage you to let me know.  It is a beautiful thing to join with each other in the “yes” and “amen” of united prayer on behalf of one another and our community and children. 


Have a beautiful weekend.  


Blessings in Christ,

Kathy Thompson



Yearbooks 2022-2023 are in! You should have received an email if you have pre-ordered! If you would still like one we have a couple extra in the office! Reach out and we will connect them with you.



May 2nd will be here before you know it! We are already in the planning process and will need many volunteers to have another successful service project. Email the office and let us know if you are interested. 



Spring is on its way! Continue to talk to your students about joining our track team! Our athletic director, Josh Faulkner had a meeting with many who have already signed up or are interested. It was so exciting to see the great turnout. Go Jaguars!! 

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Mondays       8:00 a.m. A Prayer Group for VCS meets upstairs
Feb.1-April 18 School Choice Applications open for a limited time
March 5        6:00 VCS Board Meeting
March 8        Elementary Inservice-no school for K-6
March 12      ACT Testing
March 14      6:00-7:30 Open House/Education Fair
March 14      End of Quarter
March 15      No School
March 18-22     Terranova Testing
March 26 & 28  Parent Teacher Conferences


Track is on the horizon. 

Check the Athletic Calendar for sports, dates, times, and addresses. You will have to click on the event for the details.

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