May 12, 2022



Continuing with the “God is” series, I want to focus on what Jesus said in John 8, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life” John 8:12. In Ps. 119, the psalmist states, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” So, for the Christ follower, there is a natural progression here. We will not walk in darkness if we are in His Word. We will also help reflect His light when are fully immersed in Him. Lastly, we can look to Him for spiritual direction as one looks at/for a lighthouse.


Last week I talked about Mrs. Kerr starting in ½ days. Sadly, when I chatted with her over the weekend, she commented that though she thought she was gaining ground, by the noon on Friday, it was everything she could muster to get to the car to go home. Thus, she has decided that rather than to risk a relapse, she is going to sit out the remaining days of the school year with the hopes that she will be ready to go next Fall. Pray!!


Mr. Perrin is BACK! That might be a little strong, but he is back. I talked with him at the end of Monday, and he commented that “he made it.” Continue to pray that the Father would strengthen him more and more each day.


Looking forward to next year’s staffing needs, we need to fill the following positions: MS Math/English, K-12 P.E., and 3rd grade. If you know of anyone that could fill these positions, please encourage them to apply.


The fundraising committee is seeking 2-3 additional members for the committee beginning with the new school year.


The board met this past Tuesday for its regularly scheduled meeting. They wrestled with the space issues that we have faced this year and more so next year. Pray that the Father would supply the needed financial resources to begin construction on the new facility in earnest.

(The school board is still looking for 2-3 additional members. Please contact me if interested.)


Update – The drama performance set for this Friday, May 13, has been canceled.


Next week, the Seniors will be taking a Senior trip to Colorado. Please pray for safety in travel and activity and that they would experience the Father in new and dynamic ways.


Awards Night/Spring Corporate meeting – May 26th. 


Mark your calendar – VCS graduation Saturday, May 28th @ 2pm.


Lastly, at my daughter’s church, they presented the infographic below. The results that it presents are very similar to what the Cardus Group/Association of Christian Schools International found in their research a few years back.


What is astounding is that the solution to passing on the torch of faith onto our children is quite simple and cost effective. How much does it cost to eat as a family five nights a week? Time and not being involved in every sporting/community event that comes along. What does it cost to serve as a family in a ministry? Intentionality to move out of one’s comfort/spectator zone and on to the frontlines. What does it cost to entrust responsibility of a ministry to a young person? Again, having the intentionality of and involved in a training program to build skills and confidence in the young person to do so. What does it cost to have a minimum of one spiritual experience at home in each week? Virtually nothing, a conversation about spiritual things, watching a spiritual uplifting movie together, talking about how God is moving in mom/dad/family/church/community. What does it cost to have at least one faith-focused adult in their lives other than their parents? It takes intentionality from having a mentor, enrolling them in a Christian school, plugged into a solid, engaging program at your fellowship only to name a few. Now compare the cost of the items above with the cost of losing one or more of your children to the world. Priceless!!


Pressing forward for His glory,



May 14    Spring Formal
May 16    8:00  Mom’s in Prayer
May 15-21  Senior Trip
May 26    6:30 Awards Night/Corporate Meeting
May 27    Last Day of School
May 27    Elementary Track and Field Day
May 27    MS and HS Field trips
May 28    2:00 Graduation
June 3     VCS Golf Tournament Fund Raiser


Please bring registration and payment into the school office.
We are looking for a volunteer soccer coach next season. If you love Jesus, kids, and soccer this is for you! Pleasefill out an application from our school website.  Click here


Be a part of our team!
We have employment opportunities for the 2022-2023 school year:
3rd Grade Teacher
K-12 Phy Ed Teacher
Middle School Math/English Combination Teacher
We are also in need of a volunteer soccer coach for the fall season


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