MAY 6, 2022



Continuing with the “God is” series, I want to focus on the concept that the “Lord is your keeper.” “The LORD is your keeper; the LORD is your shade on your right hand” (Ps. 121:5). In the context of the passage, The LORD is always on the “watch” – He never sleeps or slumbers (v. 3-4), always ready to help you in time of need, and He is in a position where He will not let our foot to be moved – to slip (v. 3). To me that is very encouraging. I can know that whatever happens, I cannot get out His care. 



I have been asking you to pray for Mrs. Kerr for some time; continue to do so. She is not “out of the woods” yet, but she started back ½ days on Monday. I checked in with her on Thursday and received heartening news that her body is responding to being at school – stamina is increasing. Please pray that the Father would continue to that progress. Mr. Perrin is continuing to progress. He was out this week on doctor’s orders. He has mentioned that he is looking to be back next week. Additionally, he is not supposed to lift anything heavier than a gallon of water until the end of the month. Continue to pray for him and his family.


Looking forward to next year’s staffing needs, we need to fill the following positions: MS Math/English, K-12 P.E., and 3rd grade. If you know of anyone that could fill these positions, please encourage them to apply.


Can you believe it? We have just three weeks of school left of the school year. I know the students can “smell” the end and the aroma is intoxicating. Please pray for the students that they would be diligent with their time and energies until the end.


The board met this past Tuesday for its regularly scheduled meeting. They wrestled with the space issues that we have faced this year and more so next year. Pray that the Father would supply the needed financial resources to begin construction on the new facility in earnest.

(The school board is still looking for 2-3 additional members. Please contact me if interested.)


Update – The drama performance set for next Friday, May 13, has been canceled.

Awards Night/Spring Corporate meeting – May 26th. 

Mark your calendar – VCS graduation Saturday, May 28th @ 2pm.

Lastly, below is a poem written by two 7th grade girls. Enjoy.


Pressing forward for His glory,


Ron Brace 


Ode to Mrs. Thompson

For the sweetest English teacher,

Her joyful attitude fills the room like a sun fills the sky,

Her “rabbit holes” add color to the classroom, 

Every word is thought out as though she planned it.

Her patience is beyond compare (especially with the 7th graders),

She is sweeter than a jar of honey,

Her bubbly personality make literature “lit,”

Her smile lights up our day like Jesus lights up the world,

Her love and faithfulness toward God is evident in everything she does.


-Anna E & Olivia S.

May 6      Clean-a-thon
May 9      8:00  Mom’s in Prayer
May 12    Hot Lunch Senior Fundraiser – hot dogs,               watermelon, & chips
May 14    Spring Formal
May 16-20  Senior Trip
May 26    Awards Night/Corporate Meeting
May 27    Last Day of School
May 28    2:00 Graduation
June 3    VCS Golf Tournament Fund Raiser


We are looking for a volunteer soccer coach next season. If you love Jesus, kids, and soccer this is for you! Please fill out an application from our school website.  Click here

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