Nov 3, 2023


Greetings, VCS Friends and Families,

I was recently recalling my husband’s and my early dating years.  He went to a smaller country church and I went to a larger church on the hills of Duluth, MN.  At that time we would alternate going to one another’s home church and getting to know family, culture, and friends.  The two were very different and I liked the differences. I liked my church because of my own history there and their evangelistic outreach and demonstrable impact on those in need in a large city. I liked his church because of his history there and their demonstrable impact within the body of Christ and a special gift for not only outreach, but genuinely taking care of one another.  


His church was smaller, and I would add that there were a variety of ages, but a distinct mature crowd (we might classify as seniors).  What I came to love was how they took notice and care for me, even when they did not remember my name.  I was a familiar face.  I was frequently greeted and hugged and fed, all the while answering to a number of incorrect names.  It didn’t bother me. It made me smile.  They knew I belonged to the Thompson family. Essentially they “associated” me with “them” and that was all that I wanted. It meant so much to me. 


I have thought of this often when considering our place within the body of Christ and what our attitude toward our callings in life should be.  In John 17:4-5 Jesus prays, “I have brought you glory on the earth by completing the work you gave me to do. And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the  world began.” 


Jesus modeled to us His understanding of what God had planned for him and He understood that His reward was bringing glory to His Father’s name.  And at the same time He understood that there was glory He received in His Father’s presence and in His audience alone.  


I am just looking at this as a reminder today to remember that whatever God calls us to may not result in anyone ever “remembering our name.” Even if they do, temporarily, or for a season, that the heart’s desire is rather that we be “associated with His name.” His glory, His presence, His voice, and His audience is our reward. 


Blessings on your weekend. May this late fall come with peace and joy in His presence.


In Christ,

Kathy Thompson 


                                  Conferences! Thank you!


We send a big thank you to our teachers for providing conferences this last week. We appreciate the preparation and planning involved, but most importantly the heart going into them. Thank you also to all parents who took time out of their busy evenings to talk to our teachers. Our prayer is that we have a better understanding where we all are and the direction we want to head into this next quarter! We are so proud of our students and their accomplishments. We see so much growth and enjoy so much working with you and sharing all they are learning and doing! We are blessed! 


                                            Fall Carnival


The Student Leadership Team did a beautiful job creating a fall carnival for grades K-12 to enjoy! Weather cooperated and games and activities were enjoyed by all. It was refreshing to see students partner with their chapel buddies, painting pumpkins, and enjoying cider and snacks as friends. Please see the photos below!!


                                              Ski Club


Our first snow has fallen!!  You should have received information on Ski Club in your emails. Review this information and consider meeting with other students at Trollhaugen every Thursday to enjoy some winter fun!!  


                           Operation Christmas Child Boxes


We are excited to continue the tradition of supporting Samaritan’s Purse through Operation Christmas Child.  Information has been passed along to students.  On November 16th students will be packing boxes and praying over them. We believe that these small gifts will touch lives and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout nations around the world. 


  • Well driller is needed for our new facility. Please reach out to the office if you have any connections. 

  • Don’t forget to turn your clocks back on Sunday for daylight savings! 

  • Senior Fundraiser on Wednesday November 8th. Tacos! Please have your $3 into the office by Monday to participate. This is separate from the school hot lunch you may have paid into. 

  • Spirit Week November 13th-17th. More information is coming!

  • Greenery pickup November 20th.


Nov 5            Daylight Savings Time
Nov. 7           VCS Board Meeting
Nov. 13-17    Spirit Week
Nov. 16         Operation Christmas Child Packing Day
Nov. 17         Northern Lakes Dental Visit
Nov. 18         VCS Fundraiser Booyah booth at Doe on the Go
Nov. 20         Pick up Christmas Greenery
Nov. 22-24   Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 7           Ski Club Begins
Dec. 7-8        High School to Operation Christmas Child

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