SEPT 16, 2021



This week the “race” has continued to press forward with some nice open stretches in the early going but with a significant unforeseeable the last couple of days. To operate a dogsled, one needs a team of dogs with the emphasis on the word team. The dog owner/trainer spends hours and hours working with his/her dogs to properly place them in the team to maximize their efficiency. When one of the members of the team is hurt or ill, it throws the balance of the team off. On Tuesday we had a member of our team, Brad P., sidelined for the rest of the week due to his house being struck by lightning and burning. All are safe, but nevertheless, a traumatic event that will take some time to recover from. Please pray. We will have a container in the office area for those who would want to contribute to a Wal-Mart gift card for the Perrins.



On a different but related note, when we found out that Mrs. Delong was resigning from her position, little did we know the impact that it would have on the balance of the team. We have had to press forward with greater resiliency to maintain effectiveness. Good news though, today, our new Academic Advisor, Amanda Schulze, had her first day. We look forward to her working into the team and providing new and better effectiveness in the days to come.


Along the lines of personnel, VCS is looking for a part time, 12-month financial manager. This person needs to be adept/skilled in QuickBooks. The out-going financial manager will train and be available for consultation. The position would be flexible in the sense that the individual could work remotely most of the time. 


This coming Monday, 9/20, @ 5:30 there will be a special board meeting to talk with the contractor and architect about the new school facility. All parents are invited to attend. The attached article presents a future possibility of our educational program. I love to dream big and this article is one of those dreams.


Coming up soon will be the Fall Fundraiser/Banquet at “the Bloom Lake barn” – Oct 17th. There is a committee working on this event. If you want to help with the planning and production, contact Corissa E. – More information to follow.


Last week, I mentioned the issue of the dress code and asked for your help by working with your student(s) to abide by the dress code. We still need help. My hope is that by you and us working with our students, they will understand the “spirit/heart” behind wanting them to dress a certain way, not just “here’s the law, do it.”


Continue to pray for the school for only when we pray can we unleash the power that is held within His name to be poured out on His school. Pray for our students. They are under attack by Satan. Our students are not absolved from the lies of hopelessness and despair that Satan seeks to implant into their minds. As I am writing this, I learned that a senior at OHS committed suicide. I do not know any of the details, but I ask that you pray for this family, especially that healing from the hurt and pain caused by this loss would come at the hands of Christ-followers of the community reaching out in love and grace.


Pressing forward for His glory,


Ron Brace 




Sept 20 
8:00  Mom’s in Prayer – join us to pray for our school
Sept 20 
5:30  Builder Meeting
Sept 22 
Picture Day
Oct. 5     
5:30   Board Meeting
Oct. 17   
Fall Dessert Fundraiser at Bloom Lake Barn


Tonight, Sept. 16th 5:00 JH Football at Siren
Friday, Sept. 17th Volleyball at New Century Academy
Monday, Sept 20 4:00 Volleyball and Soccer at Cambridge Christian School

Check the Athletic Calendar for sports, dates, times, and addresses. You will have to click on the event for the details.

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