Feb. 9, 2023



“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6

How many of you have used some form of GPS when going from where you are to where you want to be. I have. Many times, when I have done so, the program will present 2-3 options for me to choose from. Normally, I pick the fastest one or the easiest one. However, there are times that due to a car accident the program will present a route that takes me way out of the way when I could go on a little adventure, take some secondary roads, and arrive at the intended destination. What happens as soon as I veer from the projected route? Siri starts shouting, “RETURN TO THE ROUTE.” If you talk to my family about taking a secondary route, they might bring up the time, prior to GPS, that we were headed back from a trip to Charlotte, NC, and ended up in a little hamlet in WV looking at a single lane trail up over a hill. We stopped an asked for directions.

Jesus, our spiritual GPS, presents only one option, no questions asked – “I am the way.” Many of you have used the bridge either at Stillwater, MN or Osceola, WI or St. Croix Falls, WI to cross the St. Croix River. In all three venues, the gorge carved out by the river precludes you and I from trying to maneuver the car on a different path than the bridge. So, for us to cross the bridge from this life to heavenly, eternal life is “through me (Jesus).” Unlike driving your car and selecting the bridge you wish to over in the moment, our selection of Jesus as the spiritual bridge must take place prior to making that trip from this life to the next. If one waits until one dies to decide which bridge to cross, it is too late.

The nice thing about having only one option to gain entrance into heaven is that one does not have to determine what is the best route. There is only one, a very good and exhilarating one at that. However, one only has to look around to see that there are many in this world who do not like “the one option” idea. They would like, demand, additional options. Sorry, only one. Sometimes even, they will take the Jesus plus … option. Sorry, only Jesus.
I trust that you have selected the “I am the way” option. *

Wanted: One or two more individuals that could sub teach when needed. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited school is needed.

Tomorrow, 2/10, will be the last day for submitting your Parent Survey info. We need time to compile your submissions to generate themes and trends for the school’s accreditation and back to you.

This is a reminder that if you intend to continue to participate in the Wisconsin School Choice program, you need to re-sign up. Now is the time to do that.

Reminder – #2 Elementary students, your read-a-thon logs are due this next Monday, 2/13.

Reminder – #3 Student Leadership Team candy gram orders for Valentine’s Day are due tomorrow, Friday, 2/10.

The annual VCS Ed. Fair is a little over one month way and will be brought to you by the letter “B.”

The next time you see Eric Severson, congratulate him on his return to the school board.

A big shout out to the top sellers of the recent Cookie Dough Fundraiser! The top sellers are:
       1) Cross family
       2) Ohrt/Nelson and Erdman families (tied)
       3) Dani Shelby
The top sellers will get VISA gift cards next Monday, after school. Also, if you ordered some cookie dough, next Monday is pick-up day. Mark your calendars.

This will most likely be the last installment of this from of the newsletter.

Continue to pray for God’s presence to energize us to greater conformity to His will.

Pressing forward for His glory,

*Here is a wonderful and powerful choral arrangement of the message of this verse:

A great week to hit the slopes at Trollhaugen!


School Choice registration is live
Feb. 9         6:00 School Board Meeting
Feb. 11       6:30-11:00 HS Formal
Feb. 17       K-4 Como Zoo field trip
Feb. 20       Presidents’ Day – No School
Mar. 2-4      CAL Tournament
Mar. 17       End of Quarter
Mar.23        Ed Fair – Open House


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